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It’s Party Time!

In Holiday Eating Strategies on November 14, 2010 at 5:08 PM

The average person will attend five different holiday parties this season, whether it be an office luncheon at a restaurant, an evening cocktail party, or a dinner party at someone’s home.  Take heed of the following hints to help keep your waistline as lean as your wallet  by the new year:

 1.  Plan ahead:  eat small, low calorie meals during the day to “conserve” calories for party treats.

2.  Don’t go to the party hungry.  Eat a light, healthy snack before you leave home or the office.

3.  Upon arriving at the party, DO NOT head straight for the food table!  If you ate a healthy snack beforehand, your mind will be on socializing rather than eating.

4.  Make only one trip to the buffet and be selective.  Choose  moderate portions of  the foods that will give your taste buds the most satisfaction.  No need to waste calories on foods that you don’t truly enjoy.

5.  Keep portions small.  By doing so, you save room on your plate for tasting a variety of different foods.

6.  Always find room on your plate for cubes of fruit, fresh vegetables, shrimp cocktail, and whole grain bread/crackers to help you fill up on minimal calories.  If you want high-fat cheese, take only one or two pieces. 

7.  If you are bringing a dish to the party, make a low-calorie recipe favorite that will provide you with at least one healthy choice.

8.  Be mindful of liquid calories from regular soda, wine, beer, liquor, juices, punch, egg nog, etc.  Whenever possible, opt for a calorie free beverage such as diet soda, hot tea, or a club soda with a twist of lemon.

9.  If at a restaurant, choose a salad or a non-creamy, vegetable based soup as an appetizer rather than the typical fried fare.  Ask for all condiments/toppings on the side and use sparingly.

10.  When ordering off a menu, choose foods that are baked, broiled, grilled, poached, roasted or steamed.  Limit foods that are au gratin, breaded, crispy, deep fried, in cream or butter sauce, pan fried, or scalloped.

11.  If you choose to have a dessert, share it with others.

12.  Eat slowly and stop eating when you no longer feel hungry.  If at a restaurant, ask the staff to pack up the leftovers before you have the chance to absent-mindedly pick at and eat the rest of your plate.


  1. Always eat a small snack before a party. That way you don’t eat as much and if you drink the alcohol doesn’t go to your head. Love these posts Linda.

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